Looks like Picasso may or may not have payed his handyman bills in artwork?

Secret Trove of Picasso work


Neil Howe is part of  agroup exhibition run by the Charmingwall gallery in new york.  The November 6 x 6 gallery show fetures national and international artists work on a 6 inch by 6 inch canvas.  Neil’s painting can be seen (and purchased) at the 6 x 6 gallery website.   Congrats!

Price of art

After working on a great show Machines & Creaking Carts by Eve Whitaker for the past month and coming home to the Chicago Art Loop Open competition, i have been thinking about the price we put on art.  It is such a difficult thing to put value on because the value varies for who looks at it.  and then it varies too with medium who doesn’t have a digital camera and takes amazing pictures now days send it off to an online printer put on canvas all for the price of??????  what is your formula for calculating costs?

I was very inspired by watching the documentary The Universe of Keith Haring, he was focused on creating  a lasting legacy in his short 31 years on earth so he wasn’t so concerned with controlling the market, limiting his production, driving up prices with small collections.  He wanted to expose the normal world to the art world and have them interact.  He did this, and so much more.


Hector Frank’s work is currently hanging at the Roden branch of the Chicago Public Library for Hispanic heritage month.  The paintings  will be up through mid October.  I hope you get a chance to stop by and see it!

Roden library is at:
6083 N Northwest Hwy, Chicago, IL‎
(312) 744-1478‎

Hispanic Heritage Month Exhibit at the Roden branch of the Chicago Public Library

One of our artists (Hector Frank) will be featured tomorrow the kick off of Hispanic Heritage Month at the Roden branch of the Chicago Public Library.

Hispanic Culture Month

I’ve been eagerly awaiting the jury’s decision in the Rod Blagojevich case this week in Chicago.  the newspapers are plastered with his face all around town as we wait to see if he gets off or what his punishment will be for trying to solicit the sale of President Obama’s former seat in the senate.  I made a few ACEO cards for fun reflecting this.  Take a look at the Ebay link on the lower right hand side of this page.


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